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Live in Athens the Valerio Way...

  • Pedestrian friendly neighborhoods like Boulevard, Normaltown, Cobbham, and Five Points
  • In-town living with a commitment to historic preservation
  • Proactive maintenance and a responsive staff for tenant comfort

Valerio tenants are asked to let us know if they will be renewing their leases by January 31st. Until then, their homes will show as "Leased" on our website. Once we know they will not be renewing, the home will become an active listing and show "Available for Fall".

The majority of our Fall/Pre leasing starts in February with a lease start date of August 1st. All leases run through July 31st.

Occasionally, we will have a rental that pops up off season due to a life change (job relocation, etc...). In the event this happens, we will show the property on our website as a featured home and "Available Now".


Preservation Award for Outstanding Rehabilitation


Preservation Award for Outstanding Community Revitalization in the Boulevard and Cobbham Historic Districts

Award-Winning Historic Preservation

Valerio Properties has been recognized for our commitment to the preservation of the walkable, historic Athens neighborhoods where our tenants live.